Chapter 73

The chapter begins with Riki (lo protagonista) climbing a huge wall of spikes with his bare hands. While singing old school funk he struggles to reach the top, where he is to be expected by his lawyer, Mr. Rollo.

Later, as Riki ends his climbing, he find sout that Mr.Rollo was, all the time, an old devil by the name of Vampirão do Grão de Bico (most likely a refference to the South American tale of Boquete Espartano)

Furthermore, as the battle commences, Riki slays the beast with a furious series of stabs using a pencil. In a later page, it may be seen that the beast's body was cut just like the figure of an javali. Masahiko Takajo, the writer, said in an interview that Javali's are his favorite thing in the whole universe, having exchange his family and friends to his local Yakuza for a couple of his beloved mammals.

After Rollo's defeat, Riki proceds to keep his search on Negro Ateu TV, in order to fulfill his desire for revenge.